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Manufacture of a wide range of technological products, elaborated in PP, PVDF, TPE, NBR, EPDM, etc., completed with an extensive list of accessories, to be applied in the solid-liquid separation process: filter press, filter tank and thickener.

Leading manufacturer since 1969 LENSER is the world’s leading manufacturer of filter elements for solid-liquid separation. As an expert, LENSER has long had an excellent reputation in this field. To this day, polypropylene membrane filter elements, developed in PP by LENSER on 1977, represent the optimum Technology in solid-liquid separation with filter presses. LENSER’s Research & Development department builds on these years of experience and continually refines LENSER filter elements to meet new requirements. LENSER’s broad product range and far-reaching industry knowledge make them a valued partner worldwide in solid-fluid separation.


LENSER exclusively manufactures filter elements using the pressing method on program-controlled presses. This guarantees high repeatability, consistent quality and warp-free filter elements. In contrast to other manufacturing methods, pressing does not produce any weld lines with lower stability, which can lead to breaks in the filter elements. Production of thin wall membranes with the necessary flexibility is only possible using the pressing method.

LENSER filter elements also differ in their materials: for polypropylene membranes, for example, the company uses polypropylenes developed specifically. The result: consistently successful filtration.

Areas of application

  • Chemicals Aluminium oxide, fuller’s earth, colourings, enzymes, phosphates, pigments, silicates, titanium dioxide, zeolite etc.
  • Food Agar-agar, beer, biofuels, fats, gelatine, yeast, oils, palm oil, proteins, starches, wine, sugar etc.
  • Mining Aluminium, lead, iron, earths, gold, coal, copper, nickel, pyrite, noble earths, silver, uranium, zinc etc.
  • Minerals Fuller’s earth, gypsum, potash salts, potassium carbonate, kaolin, chalk, lithium chloride, phosphate, porcelain and ceramic materials, clay etc.
  • Sludge De-hydrating of industrial and municipal wastewater sludge etc.

LENSER membrane filter elemenst facilitate mechanical squeezing of the filter cake after the actual filtration process.

Chamber and membranne filter elements allow the washing and/or blowing of the cake.

The following animation corrsponds to the LENSER membrane filter animation with washing process.

High-pressure membrane filter elements KM, HD (HD= high pressure) are extremely resilient. These filter elements withstand squeezing pressures up to 30 bar thanks to their special feed port and materials combinations.

Exchangeable membrane filter elements facilitate simple membrane exchange. This means that you only have to replace the membrane rather than the complete filter element when the filter elements is worn out. The body plate is retained.

 Recessed filter elements represent efficient standard equipment for filtration processes with low dry solids content requirements. LENSER supplies them in different sizes and materials for open and closed discharge.



Filter plates and frames are a popular solution for special processes. LENSER manufacture these to your requirements in many different formats and designs.

 LENSER accessories for filter elements are manufactured and continually optimised on LENSER experience of daily use.

 LESNER® products:


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