Filter plates: FILTROX Southern Europe has a wide range of filter media that will give solution to its solid-liquid separation processes. Filter media are used in various industries: chemical, pharmaceutical, Beverages, Oenology, Food, etc. In a depth filter, the surface available for retention of solids is not only the outside of the filter element, but the entire surface area of ​​the pores where the liquid to be filtered flows. The main advantage of in-depth filters is their high capacity for contaminant retention, as opposed to surface filtration, where they are retained by a simple mechanical action of surface screening. Filter Plate Format: In addition to the most usual formats in 400×400 mm, 600×600 mm press filters, you can supply your customers with any format, either round or square, with or without holes. Presentation of filter plates: They guarantee the traceability of their products through their marking on the filtering outlet face. This identification consists of the manufacturing code, the quality of the board and the PB logo. For maximum safety and hygiene of their products the plates are presented shrink wrapped and packed in cardboard boxes that meet all the standards required for food products. Lenticular modules: FILTROX Southern Europe has developed a line of lenticular modules based on the technology of our ‘SA’ filter plates that allow a very high specific surface and a very uniform porous structure, achieving maximum retention efficiency. Structure: The structure of the PAC consists of 16 contact lenses that are joined by a joint system. In turn, each lens that has been sealed externally, is formed by 2 filter elements ‘SA’, an internal separator that guarantees the tightness of the assembly. PACK type:
PF-12 Diameter 12″ Superficie 1,8 m2
PF-16 Diameter 16″ Superficie 3,6 m2
Applications: Although this filtration system has a higher cost, its use has the following advantages:
  • Smaller occupied space.
  • Less assembly and disassembly time.
  • Greater asepsis of the system.
  • Avoid contact of the product with the environment.
Filter cartridges: FILTROX Southern Europe has a certified quality system that guarantees the traceability of filter cartridges and integrity results. Strictly controlled during their manufacturing process, they guarantee very high quality standards. High Capacity absorbent brackets: Low density support that can absorb a volume of liquid up to 6 times its weight. High Rigidity absorbent brackets: High density support to be used when the final product requires high wet stiffness. Its smooth surface on both sides allows the printing of images. Solutions to all filtration needsthat may occur:
  • Drinks: beer, spirits, refreshing drinks, cider, vinegar, bottled water, fruit juice.
  • Food oils.
  • Jellies and syrups.
  • Liquid sugar: fructose, glucose.
  • Chemical products: resins, lacquers.
  • Blood derivatives.
  • Pharmaceutical products.
  • Vegetable extracts.
  • Perfumery and cosmetics.
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