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PROTECNIA INGENIEROS SA is a company with more than 40 years of experience created on 22/03/1977 and located in GIRONA-SPAIN, dedicated to buy, sell and import machinery and accessories. We offer to our customer technical support of our premium products applied on industrial sectors of chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, food and wastewater treatment.

All these activities are carried out within a geographical area covering the entire Spanish national territory and Portugal.


LENSER Filtration GmbH 

Manufacture of a wide range of technological products, elaborated in PP, PVDF, TPE, NBR, EPDM, etc., completed with an extensive list of accessories, to be applied in the solid-liquid separation process: filter press, filter tank and thickener, etc….

LENSER is a leading manufacturer since 1969 LENSER is the world’s leading manufacturer of filter elements for solid-liquid separation.

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Manufacture different type of diffusers: fine bubble diffusers, membranes for diffusers and ceramic filter elements.

The fine bubble diffusers are formed by a structure with thousands of micro perforations . Generating fine bubbles in aeration tanks allows for high levels of oxygen transfer wastewater , making this type of diffusers very suitable for aeration in treatment plants of industrial waste water and/or urban.

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These companies are in a phase of constant innovation of its products as a result of a perfect symbiosis with their customers, allowing them to offer in every moment the technical solutions that the market demands and, thus, maintain its leading position in their respective fields of activity.

Participation in major international trade fairs allows them to show customers new technologies as they develop and implement.


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